Adventure Activities

A River side resort

Adventure Acvities

A River Side Resort

Valley Crossing

Valley Crossing is traveling across the valley with the help of rope and other equipments.

This activity is done by having two definite ends that is connected by a rope. Individuals cross the valley with the help of these equipments.

An individual has to plan the speed with which he is to pull himself and the movements to utilize energy in the best possible way. Courage and confidence is required as the fear of heights may emerge in spite of all the safety and the best escorts. Valley crossing leaves the participant in the state of euphoria for a long time.

A number of tourist go for valley crossing trips today. Experience the stunning and memorable adventures of valley crossing with Riparian valley crossing.

Riparian Resort also organizes training courses for novices to teach them techniques of valley crossing and rappelling. We hire experienced instructors for the travelers to make their trip memorable.

At Riparian Resorts safety is main concern so our medical professionals are always there for the travelers to help them in case of any injuries.

Your safety being our utmost priority.

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