Adventure Activities

A River side resort

Adventure Acvities

A River Side Resort


While you arrive in Riparian Resort to indulge in the Adventure Zone, you can also indulge in a number of other adventure activities.

One of these is the sport of rappelling. To rappel is actually roping down a cliff, as you might be aware. We arrange rappelling expeditions for both beginners as well as skilled adventurers . We arrange the sport of rappelling in groups as is usual. Our trainers and experts will accompany to a cliff drop where you will enjoy the sport. Whether it's the gear or the technique, our experts will take care of it all. Equipped with all the gear, you will slowly start climbing down the cliff. We see to it that you are safely come down to the ground. As you arrive on the ground, you will be asked to undo the rope from the rappel device. And as you shout 'off rappel', it will be turn for the other person to climb down the chosen cliff.

Your safety being our utmost priority.

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