Adventure Activities

A River side resort

Adventure Acvities

A River Side Resort

Low Rope

For the relatively weak hearted, the Low Ropes Challenge Course at Riparian Resorts is no less than the High Ropes Challenge Course; for what it lacks in height, it makes up for in vigor!

Amuse yourself as you find yourself move across the course – from Balancing Plank to Tyre Swing; from Fire Cracker Bridge to Monkey Tail; from Broken Bridge to Swinging Beam – all the while being connected to a harness. Find yourself jumping, screaming, laughing or dropping, your safety guaranteed at the highest possible standards of quality – so why wait!!! Get to Riparian Resort and try it out already!!!

Balancing Plank

This involves planks of wood being placed over thick metal wires, which inevitably make the planks extremely shaky, as you cross from one side to another. Probably the most fun of the Low Ropes Challenge Course activities, find yourself bursting into hysterical laughter as you dance across this crazy activity!

Tyre Swing

Find yourself literally "walking through tyres", all vertically hung with the help of ropes. The Tyre Swing, second obstacle in the Low Ropes Challenge Course, requires the participant to use the tyres to walk across from one end to another, all the while using the rope through which each hangs, for balance and grip.

Fire Cracker Bridge

Just like the name suggests, the Fire Cracker Bridge is a tough one requiring a great amount of focus, balance and concentration. Find yourself cross from one end to the other with no support whatsoever, save two marshals flanked on either side, and of course, pure balance within.

Monkey Tail

The fourth obstacle in the Low Ropes Challenge Course, the Monkey Tail is one where the participant has only a metal wire to walk on, and dangling ropes randomly hung for grip and support while moving from one end to another.

Your safety being our utmost priority.

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