Adventure Activities

A River side resort

Adventure Acvities

A River Side Resort

Ground Adventure

Adventure is a key necessity of life – a combination of fun and learning that few can resist.

The importance of Adventure Sports is not necessarily about extreme experiences, but adventure trips add a certain touch of the exotic to our lives.

Adventure learning is an exploration of oneself - of discovering capacities and exploring fresh competencies. Outdoor adventure based activities tend to take you out of our familiar zone and serve to cut away the clutter in our normal behavior by making us more aware of it. No wonder this quick and enjoyable "fine tuning" of your personality makes you feel far more capable than before.

At Riparian we have schedule full of events and activities conducted at various level including Activities carefully designed for General fun along with Learning while respecting Nature.

We have events for Corporates, Schools, BPO's, Banking and Special Events designed to meet special Needs.

Our list of Land Activities include - Team Building Activities, Motivational, Fun filled and Effective Leadership skills.

  • Rappelling on Land, Mountains and Artificial Climbing Wall.
  • Rock Climbing
  • Trekking

Your safety being our utmost priority.

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