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A River Side Resort

The Riverside Resort is the newest addition to the adventure Resorts in Gujarat.
It is ablend of comfortable living and adventure activities.

The Resort is a luxury tented camp facility with rooms & cottages also, on the banks of Mahisagar River. We have 10 Tents with attached toilet/bathrooms & 20 rooms / cottages apart from lots of adventure activities

riparian Resort is located on the banks of grand river Mahisagar at Lachhanpura near Rasulpur, Savli. It is a 35 kms joyride from Vadodara airport, 35 km from Anand / Vidhyanagar, only 100 km from Ahmedabad & 145 km from Surat. It is an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, a pleasant surprise for city dwellers. A place where the sound of bird chirping replaces the noise of traffic and serenity prevails over anxiety. It's almost therapeutic.

At "riparian" (riverside camp) we offer you, your family and friends a holiday with a difference. Besides comfortable accommodation in the lap of Mother Nature, we add memorable excitement to your stay with us. You can relax, exercise or rejuvenate those stressed and tired muscles, or indulge in exciting adventure & trekking for a change. The kids will most certainly go home with plenty of tales. Self contained cottages are located on nice lawns with plantation facing the river. It almost touches beautiful Mahisagar River and surrounded with farms, hills and forests.

At the River, you could swim or row to the most scenic part of the river for a relaxed picnic. Take a dip in the swimming pool or you could take a nature walk on the track by riverside or bullock carts up the country road, go bird watching and go on a guided adventure trek down the river, or may be an expedition to the neighbouring valley and hills, have fun rock climbing, rappelling, zip lining, kayaking, Zorbing & camping. You could even try your hand on volley-ball / cricket / Badminton / Carrom / Chess.....

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Safety Code of Conducts

A River Side Resort

All staff Members & Guest of Riparian River Side Resort are expected to take care of their own health and safety as far as reasonable and practical, and the safety of guests and others dependent on their actions and omissions.

The following guidelines are specifically designed to make the stay and experience of our guests as safe as possible

General Guidelines

  • Maintenance of all rides, attractions and equipment are done to the highest standards. Special attention is paid to the safety and welfare of the disabled.
  • A safe and efficient system of work is established and maintained.
  • Risks involved in all activities are assessed and all codes of practice and supplementary health and safety information are intimated to all staff members and adhered to.
  • Health and safety of employees and others who may be affected by any of the activities in the park are assessed so that necessary preventive or protective measures can be identified and implemented.
  • The Safety Policy statement, safety procedures and emergency procedures are regularly reviewed and updated as and when relevant, and all staff members are furnished with up to date copies of the relevant documents.
  • A sense of safety awareness and reasonable attitudes in all staff members is cultivated and maintained, by developing a positive safety culture.
  • All staff members and the management contribute towards building a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy.
  • Activities under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is not permitted.
  • The effectiveness of the Safety Policy procedures is monitored throughout the park.
  • In house doctor, trauma care facility and ambulance is available on call within 5 minutes.

AT Lachhanpura, Nr. Rasulpur, Savali, Vadodara,
Gujarat - 391770

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